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Founded in 1985, our company produces Ice Cream Cones, Cornets and Wafers for the ice cream sector, and Tartlets and Edible Food Packages (Special-purpose Cones) for the HoReCa (Hotel, Restaurant, Cafe) sector.

Carrying out production with fully automated machinery in a covered area of 7000 m2, our company has the highest

capacity ice cream cone facility in Turkey with the number of machinery and equipment that it has in its inventory.

Consisting of 25 types, our products are put on the market through our wide distribution network in the country.

Oriented towards the needs of the sector and the demand of the market, our product diversification works are in continuous progress.

FSSC 22000 Food Safety Management System processes have been carried on with the demanding efforts of our professional team.

Our company always warrant that it produces "Safe Food" to the international standards from the raw material supply to the finished product.

Hygiene and sanitation on the basis of quality, safe, legal requirements, national and international standards to produce;

Customer-focused working to achieve customer satisfaction;

Following closely the changing customer and market demands;

Improve our product quality and food safety to ensure that all employees be aware that we need support to increase the awareness of our employees;

Working in cooperation with our suppliers to improve the quality of our products and to increase the awareness of our suppliers;

Management systems review and provide continuous improvements;

By keeping abreast of technological developments, to adapt to these developments in the production system and thus increase business productivity.

The cone is first made by Italian emigrant Italo Marchiony in New Jersey, America and registered on behalf of Marchiony on 13 December 1903. But this invention were first not in demand.

Next year, cones are seen at the St. Louis World Fair, organised in America…While Charles Menches, ice-cream seller thinks how he will sell the ice creams in his bench after the paper plates finish, he tries to sell by putting ice cream into waffle he took from Syrian Ernest Hamwi that sells waffle in the next bench so cone which has been the favourite of fair has entered into our life.

The first ice cream was discovered in China approximately 3 thousands years ago. Europe meets ice cream when Marco Polo brings the icy drink recipes that he learns in China trip in 1296.

While Aztecs use the snows that they take from the hills of mountains to refrigerate their foods and drinks , the snows which are in Andres mountains in Peru and Colombia are used for the purpose of refrigerating. With the arrival of Portuguese and Italians to Latin America, ice cream has become widespread. Portuguese and Italians who know making one kind ice cream by mixing snow and sugar, give rise to invent ice cream with vanilla and cacao after meeting vanilla and cacao here.

And in Anatolia, at the first term of Ottoman Empire, there was a tradition of drinking candy which is made of snow or ice stored in ice cellar after they are collected at high Anatolia champaign. Ice cream's history that starts with Karsambaç, made of molasses, honey and pulps added to the snow in Anatolia based on 17. century. In this period, eating ice cream that becomes widespread in every segment of society causes to be developed different kind of production especially in Maraş. Nowadays ice cream that is named Maraş ice cream is different from the examples in the world. Till the near future, the feature of this ice cream prepared by hand power , classic method was being hard enough to be cut. Nowhere in the world can be seen to this kind of ice cream made of goat's milk, sugar and orchid.







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